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4 EU Brexit Changes Impacting Expats Living and Working Abroad

ProACT Sam discusses how the the EU Brexit changes will affect expats in light of the UK budget.


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Meet ProACT Sam

Sam moved from the UK to Cyprus in 1999. For the past 18 years he has helped thousands of people make their living and work abroad dreams a reality.

Sam has managed his clients tax, wills, estates, property and investments through the dot-com boom and bust, Cyprus' adoption of the Euro, the property boom, the Great Recession of 2008 and the Eurozone crisis.

His company, ProACT Partnership, has been a pillar of stability for the expat community and Sam will continue to manage his clients living and working abroad dreams through Brexit and beyond.

Sam and the ProACT team will help you avoid the pitfalls of moving abroad and help you live out your dreams.

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Sam Orgill of ProACT Partnership examines the impact of Automatic Exchange of Information on the Money of Expats Living and Working Abroad.

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